1L1.Are bed linens included in the price? Yes, you will receive them upon arrival, and are included in the price of your stay

Yes, you will receive them upon arrival, and are included in the price of your stay.

22.Are there bath linens in the mobile homes?

No, bring your towels from home

33.Do the mobile homes have cooking supplies?

Yes, there are pots and pans, and dishes in every house.

44.Does the campground have wi-fi?

Yes, you will be given a free account. You can purchase additional accounts for € 5 daily/ € 25/week

55.Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are welcome everywhere on the campground, even inside the mobile homes. They must always be on a leash, and may not enter the pools. They should never be left alone at the campsites or in the mobile homes. Further, we have installed a Dog Area where you can play with your 4-legged friend.

66.Can the dogs be on the beach?

Yes, there is a designated dog area located between Uffici spiaggia n.18 and n.19. It is equipped and the dogs can go in the water, as long as they are always leashed.

77.How far is the campground from the beach?

Just 250m, you can easily get there by a 5 minute walk.

88.How far is the campground from downtown?

Downtown is circa 500m away, the pedestrian zone is reachable by a 15 minute walk.

99.How does the beach service work?

If you are staying in a camp site, you can reach the ufficio spiaggia n.19 and rent the material at a reduced priced. If you are in a mobil home type H, HP, M, L, G, F or FP, you can rent at the reception one sun ombrella and two sun beds from the eleventh line with a reduction from the first day of the stay until the day before your leaving; while if you want them from the first line to the eleventh, you can rent them directly in our beach office n.19 with a reduction.

1010.Are swim caps required in the pool?

No, l'obbligo della cuffia non è più previsto.

1111.What time are mobile homes guaranteed?

Mobile homes are guaranteed from 17:00, you can access the structure in the morning, park your car, and make use of all campground and beach services.

1112.Is bike rental available?

Yes it is possible to rent bicycles for both adults and children. Prices are: €2.50 per hour, €5.00 for half-day (6 hours), €9.00 for a day, €40.00 for a week and €60.00 for 2 weeks.

1313.Is it possible to rent refrigerators?

Yes, you can rent small refrigerators at a price of €2.00 per day.

1414.Are there safes available for keeping valuable objects?

Every mobile home has a small safe, while for anyone saying on a campsite, it is possible to rent a small safe for €1.00 per day.

1515.What voltage is available?

Connecting to the electricity requires and industrial plug, and the voltage runs from 6 to 10 amps.

1616.What discount cards are accepted, and what discounts do they offer?

a. 15%: Federcampeggio b. 10%: CCI, Camping Key Europe, DCC, Plen Air c. 15%: CCI issued by